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The following are 1-1 examples of both Hypnotherapy and Coaching programmes

Please visit the top menu 'Treatments' pages for extended hypnotherapy programme details.

  • Wellness - Stress management, work/life balance, stress resilience. From 3 sessions
  • Wellness - Weight Loss/WeightManagement Programme - From 3 extended sessions
  • Wellness - Smoking Cessation and Anxiety Management - from 2 extended sessions
  • Wellness - Habit cessation - and Confidence Building - From 3 extended sessions
  • Coaching - Assertiveness and Communication Skills - From 2 extended sessions
  • Coaching - Confidence and Public Speaking - From 2 extended sessions
  • Coaching - Managing Anxiety and Career Transition - From 3 extended sessions
  • Coaching - Life Changes and Career Changes - From 2 extended sessions

Please note: the extended sessions are of 85 minutes and the amount of sessions required can vary from individual to individual and are therefore simply an approximate guideline. Please contact Sara to discuss your personal situation.


(Corporate Workshops - please contact Sara for a quotation)

Sara Howard arranges various interesting Group Workshops throughout the year for private individuals.

The current list for Kings Langley is below. Workshops can be viewed by clicking on the links : -

Hypnotherapy Taster Event at Kings Langley (ongoing event)

Manage Unwanted Stress and Rebuild Confidence - Ongoing Workshops (Weekends)

Manage Anxiety and Achieve Your Goals - Ongoing Workshop (Weekends)

Please note that Sara is very happy to arrange alternative workshops for small groups of people.

Please contact her to discuss your specific requirements/

Tel - 01296 634921