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Do you have a Fear of Public Speaking?

A fear of public speaking is actually a common situation for many people and the severity of the symptoms can vary. It can develop into a social anxiety and sometimes into a phobic state with unwanted symptoms, including severe blushing and palpitations. The anxiety is heightened by a fear of expectations, and of being focused on, rather like feeling you are the wanted centre of attention.

Change is possible with Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques .

The treatment strategy involves helping a client to a position of calm, learning progressive relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis (simple visualisation) so that a person is enabled with a sense of control towards examining the fear. Further techniques involve supportive ego -strenghtening techniques to rebuild confidence. Sometimes a person’s fear or phobia may be linked to past or present anxieties and worries and these may not always be in the person’s conscious mind. Other stages of therapy include desensitisation towards the fear itself. With the use of projected hypnotic visualisation and specific NLP techniques new levels of coping can be achieved. Therapy is then used towards rehearsing with the client an ability to cope successfully in what were previously difficult situations and this is undertaken hypnotically when the client is under relaxation techniques.

Length of Treatment – this depends upon the history surrounding the symptoms and can range from 2-4 sessions.

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