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How can coaching benefit you as a Senior Manager or Executive?

Coaching can Help You to Maximise Your full potential

A Coach can offer a supportive environment in which to help you to make beneficial changes and plan realistic new goals. How is this? A Coach offers a Client a supportive and motivating environment in which to allow the Client to explore new ideas and new ways forward through realistic task setting in a framework which allows

the client to be motivated and committed towards their desired goals.

Some of the areas Coaching can help you with include:

  • Manage Stress and Develop Your Stress Resilience
  • Change Negative Dynamics and Create Your Wellbeing Plan
  • Assess Your Work/Life Balance & Career Development
  • Improve Sports Performance Focus & Concentration,
  • Improve Confidence in Public Speaking, & Communication Skills

Coaching can therefore be highly beneficial for many areas of well being, including personal development or change.

A Recent Testimonial - Executive Coaching​ - Wellbeing and Transition

Sara understands the demands I face, and this includes the business side of my work and the impact of stress in having to make major structural decisions and changes in management styles. We regularly discuss my own responses to any conflicts I may need to mediate and I consider Sara to be a valuable person in my business life. I always benefit from our meetings and she is non-judgmental and I know that what we discuss remains totally confidential.... Mr D, London.

People In Leadership Positions - Do you want a better focus and calm control of your life?

People in Leadership positions have to balance considerable levels of responsibility whether they are self employed or working for a professional partnership or corporation. The levels of responsibility can often increase due to changing company culture.

The internalised pressures can affect work life balance and personal wellbeing in respect of confidence issues and personal relationships.

Coaching can help an individual both to audit and to take control of their own wellbeing and also to learn how to recognise their own behavioural aspects such as how they present themselves through their emotions and communication.

Coaching can help to find new and more beneficial ways forward, inline with personal values and to increase an individual’s confidence and morale and ultimately to increase work output and personal goals.

Coaching is about using your resources and helping you to develop your strengths and can provide impetus in having someone to talk to and as a reliable means to help you to maintain your motivation.

How do you see your Future Potential?

Coaching is different to psychotherapy, Coaching’s fundamental belief is that it is future focussed, and for the client this means that coaching is an enabling and motivational challenging and strategic, whilst therefore being open to change, coaching is also realistic. As a coach my task is to help you by acting as a sounding board by helping you towards desired outcomes by guiding you at different stages. This includes devising agreed strategies towards your goal. The important point is in realistic goal setting and achievable tasks towards reaching your goal so that over time, you increase your motivation levels, step by step as you get closer to your achievement and your confidence grows.

Perhaps you would like help in making a major change in your life,

Changes such as career development, public speaking appointments, competitive sports performance, or perhaps you have been through a divorce or an emotional change in your life.

Coaching is about using your resources and helping you to develop your strengths

Do you feel something is holding you back? Could you improve your communication and your relationships?

Would you like to learn coping strategies that are motivational

This can be flexible to fit in with your lifestyle? There is always more than one way to cope.

So ask Sara if you would like to find out more and to discuss what the best way is forward for you.

Sara is an experienced Personal Development and Business Coach

She offers tailored sessions to suit each individual client’s needs. her methodology is NLP, Narrative and Solution Focussed to your needs.

Telephone coaching is also available.

Gain confidence and call me for an initial free consultation

Discuss you personal assessment plan.

Sara Howard, Inspired for Change, Telephone 01296 634921.

Sara Howard is a full member of:

The Association for Coaching - to Executive Coach Level

The International Stress Management Association (Comprehensive Knowledge Holder)

Personal Development Coaching and Executive Coaching