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The Link Between Depression and Insomnia

Are you worried over work, relationships or career .... and unable to switch off and get a good night’s sleep?

People who suffer depression often report anxiety and broken sleep patterns. The anxiety may be related to private life or work issues. Both depression and Insomnia may have links to a disruption in body rhythms. For example, worry can produce a troubled mind and in turn, a shortened sleep time. When sleep is under 6 hours a person is less likely to awake feeling relaxed and refreshed. There is considerable academic information on the net detailing this.

The link between Insomnia and depression becomes clear in that the absence of a sound sleep pattern with control over unwanted negative thoughts means insomnia may trigger depression (through changing brain chemicals and body rhythms).

Would you like to learn a plan for a good night’s sleep?

People often report symptoms in experiencing a continual and unwanted inner dialogue expressing repeated worries and fears – and they feel unable to switch this off. These fears then alert and arouse the individual to a state of anxiety, which in turn, produces muscular tension and a shortened and irregular breathing. Another issue with Insomnia is that people often present with other symptoms such as muscular aches, unwanted habits, headaches or IBS.

Treatment Methodology – using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focused approaches

My method as a registered advanced practitioner and stress management consultant is to use a combination of tried and tested methods tailored to suit individual needs – whether you have mild case of short term insomnia or more chronic symptoms.

  • Learn progressive relaxation techniques – breathing, muscular relaxation, and cue setting
  • A Sleep audit diary (with daytime additions) to help to identify negative beliefs and associative triggers,
  • Learn enabling and empowering behavioural changes ....
  • Learn how to stop and control unwanted negative thought patterns, triggers and associations
  • Rational emotive and logical coaching structure with routine and rhythm for a restful sleep
  • Assessing dietary, psychological and behavioural stimulants for change(ie - (caffeine, computer, noise)
  • Learn self hypnosis and gain a feeling of peace and control.

If you think you may be suffering from depression you should contact you doctor for advice.

When a person’s ability to experience peaceful, restorative sleep, new solutions to the worries surrounding their depression can often be found.

For persons who are suffering depression, motivation may be low, therefore my methodology is tailored to help each individual to regain a sense of control by taking progressive small steps forward and building on these.

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