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Be Inspired for Change

The subject is how we can overcome a habit using hypnotherapy - even when it's a seemingly ingrained and unbeatable habit that we've been doing for many years, and it's also about how much more motivated and enterprising we can become without it.
Clients come to me for help with many different habits and issues having a negative effect on their life or work performance. For example, smoking and comfort eating, severe blushing or increased respiration during public speaking; general anxiety when dealing with difficult people, even a fear or phobia of certain situations like failing a big goal - maybe one their boss has set. The answer as to why this is happening, isn't always in conscious awareness and it may be related to an incident that happened long ago in the past.
Today’s unwanted habit is a ‘stop smoking’ case study is about ‘Mr X,’ who like many of us had a busy lifestyle and who held a mistaken belief that he needed to smoke to manage his stress levels. We will also look at beliefs and how these influence us.