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Most people tell me they have large amounts of work to get through daily and as long as interruptions are minimal they can just about manage the pressure but they generally admit to feeling a sense of relief at the end of each day! However, many report of an increasing overlap and worry over things to do that carry forward to the next day ... and a feeling and sense of starting to lose control as they experience the feelings related to a sense of pressure building up.

Various official statistics show the increase in absenteeism from the workplace. The cost to UK industy is 13 billion. A report by Mind in 2011 states that British businesses lose an estimated £26 billion each year in sickness absence and lost productivity. With greater awareness and mental health support, Mind indicate businesses could save one third of these costs - £8 billion a year. (Source ISMA UK)

So, whilst some people may thrive on a sense of pressure, other people may feel the sense of an escalating loss of control. Stress is defined by the HSE as, the adverse reaction people have to pressure or other types of demand placed on them at work. (Source ISMA UK)

Which leads to the question ...


People experience pressure and stress in different ways. Some speak of external stressors, such as the expectations and demands from Managers or Directors whilst other people report of the pressure of their own inner critic’s demands ....

· Other peoples’ expectations and a fear they cannot meet these and the ramifications

· A lack of appreciation from bosses for the job well done

· Lack of respect in the workplace for working overtime

· Inability to switch off from work or other problems and to sleep well

· Increased workplace expectations

· Internal fears of recalled past events and build up of pressure and self blaming


People often speak of a niggling anxiety that has built up through increasing expectations...

For example, some of these situations may seem familiar ...

· Job worries over a pending merger and acquisition

· New management leadership styles and conflict in communication

· Experiencing negative through processes and physical symptoms of stress

· Nerves over pitches and presentations

· Lack of assertiveness, increasing procrastination, and unproductive time management

HOW SARA CAN HELP YOU - with clear, calm communication and guidance in a non-judgemental setting

· Stress audit – do you recognise certain unhelpful patterns you could change?

Are you inclined towards procrastination and a lack of assertiveness?

· Understand your personality type and the pressures you may be creating

· Learn effective time management auditing and better goal setting

· Learn relaxation techniques to reduce and manage stress effectively

· Improve your work life balance with selected behavioural changes

Moving away from unproductive behaviours to new effective ones can create emotional empathy with yourself and others.

The next stage is Stress Resilience