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Are you concerned over your ongoing anxiety and stress levels? Perhaps you’re considering trying coaching or hypnotherapy but wonder about the costs involved and whether it will be the right process for you. By way of an alternative to private consultations, I also offer taster and group workshops in a variety of popular subject areas including April’s taster sessions in hypnotherapy and workshops in managing anxiety and stress. My workshops are all solution focused, and that means they are designed to enable participants with the tools and understanding to manage the symptoms of anxiety and stress to achieve their desired goals. After all, when we achieve our goals our sense of wellbeing increases and our new perspective of calm is then reflected in the ease of our communication and better relationships.Would you like to know more? The benefit of the group workshop experience is that participants can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and get 3 hours for less than the cost of one private session. Participants have the opportunity to listen and learn with the option to contribute to general group themes if they wish to do so. By group theme, I mean open discussions of common interest and not highly personal or emotional issues. For example, in a recent workshop on managing stress and regaining confidence, participants discussed how their stressors produced common physical reactions to the pressure of overload and resulting feeling of a loss of control. Pressure 'overload' is often triggered by external situations such as the demands of family and work life, but also our internal self demands, with the end result often bringing a feeling of a lack of productiveness. My workshops enable people to understand how to recognise what stress is, how to develop assertiveness strategies and generally how they can make beneficial behavioural changes.

Another popular and related workshop is how to ‘Manage anxiety and achieve our goals ‘. In the general group discussion, participants often recall related past memories that have triggered and reinforced their worry and magnify their fears of a pending event which may be exams, business pitches or presentation, career change or sports related competition.

All my workshops cover coping strategies and interventions for managing anxiety and stress and this means all participants can go home with the knowledge of how to make their own beneficial change having also enjoyed a relaxing session in as mindfulness and visualisation techniques.

Sara Howard, registered Advanced Hypno-psychotherapist (Senior Status GHR), Stress Management Consultant (ISMA), Coach (AC) and Trainer. Over 20 years experience working with private individuals and leading companies. Post-graduate psychology education; special interest in anxiety/stress related conditions. A registered ISMA Consultant examined in Comprehensive Knowledge of Stress Management.

Please contact Sara if you would like more information on group workshops sessions and to discuss your subject areas of interest. Tel – 01296 634921