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Be Inspired for Change

How Can Coaching Benefit You? .... Coaching can help you to reach your full potential

A Coach can offer a client a supportive and motivating environment in which to explore beneficial change and plan realistic new goals.
A Coach offers a listening and non-judgmental place in which the client can evaluate new ideas and plan a strategy for change.
Importantly, the Coach encourages a realistic framework which maintains the client's motivation and commitment to his/her desired goals.

Some of the areas Coaching can help you with include:

  • Create your Health & Wellbeing Plan
  • Change negative dynamics and Create Motivation
  • Improve your Work/Life Balance and Career Development
  • Return to Work, and Structure your Career Transition,
  • Improve Sports Performance focus and concentration
  • Improve Confidence, Communication Skills, and Self-Esteem

Coaching can be highly beneficial for many areas of well being, including personal development or change.

How do you see your Future Potential?

The aim of coaching is to achieve future focused goals. For the client, this means that coaching is an enabling and motivational process whilst also being open to new strategies for change. The coaching process should be realistic and is often challenging. A coach will act as a sound board, helping and guiding the client towards his/her desired goal(s). The important point in successful coaching is realistic goal setting and achievable tasks towards reaching your desired goal, so that over time, you increase your motivation levels, as step by step, you get closer to your achievement and feel your confidence grow.

Perhaps you would like help in making a major change in your life,

Coaching is about using your resources and helping you to develop your strengths

Would you like to learn coping strategies that are motivational?

Coaching can be flexible to fit in with your lifestyle

About the Coaching Process

  • An initial free telephone consultation to establish whether the process is right for you
    • Contract, questionnaire and covering letter outlining the terms of coaching service, (procedures, methodology and feedback)
  • Regular written feedback with agreed tasks towards achieving your desired goal.
  • Progress review undertaken regularly (and the coachee is aware that total confidentiality is provided unless otherwise stated).
  • Further - The coachee is aware that the coach acts as ‘facilitator and guide’ and cannot make decisions or tell the coachee what to do.
  • Sara Howard is a registered senior therapist and coach and is therefore able to help clients through emotional transitional periods. However, for clients making significant life changes, or changing old habits and behaviours it may take time to build the confidence for change and it is therefore often a gradual process.

    Sara offers experienced Personal Development and Business Coaching - The Methodology -

    Sara offers tailored sessions to suit each individual client’s needs.

    Her methodology is Solution Focused, incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming. and Narrative Coaching styles and drawing logical perspectives from Cognitive Behavioural approaches - tailored to your needs. Telephone coaching is also availabl
  • Call Sara for an initial free consultation and discuss you personal assessment plan.

    Sara Howard, Inspired for Change, Telephone 01296 634921 or 07827 505389

    Sara Howard is a full member of the following organisations
  • The Association for Coaching and
  • The International Stress Management Association