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Fees and Terms of Practice

Your Free Telephone Consultation

Sara Howard is pleased to offer you an initial telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes FREE.
The object of this consultation is to discuss your specific situation. During this consultation she will advise whether hypnotherapy or coaching may be appropriate for your needs. You can then decide whether or not you wish to proceed. Sara will also explain the procedures and how they work. Sara will not progress to face-to-face consultations until after this session has been completed.

Payment method is either by cash, paypal or electronic transfer

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Coaching Consultation Fees
Aston Clinton, Kings Langley and Wheatley £60-£70 (55 mins session) and £80-£90 (85 mins)

Central London £90/110 (per 55 mins session) £130/150 (per 85 mins session) dependent upon location.
Coaching packages will typically include 1-1 contact sessions and telephone coaching. Please contact Sara for details.
Current special offer - Telephone Coaching - £50 (60 minutes)

Hypnotherapy Consultation fees

These are normally charged as follows:
Aston Clinton, Kings Langley and Wheatley £60-£70 (55 mins session) and £80 £90 (85 mins)
Central London £90/110 (per 55 mins session) and £130/150 (per 85 mins session) dependent upon location.
Sara Howard will help you to assess the cost of your treatment plan.
The information below is intended as a general guide.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy/NLP
Are you concerned about phobias, fears and anxieties such as public speaking?
An integrated approach of hypnotherapy and NLP can often provide fast help in 2-3 sessions. For example, you may want to reduce a fear of flying, a fear of heights, of examination anxieties, public speaking, or blushing situations. Suggestion therapy can also give you a great confidence boost. Fee structure – please see Hypnotherapy Consultation Fees above.

Smoking Cessation
This is usually 1-2 sessions of approximately 85 mins each and can be discussed with Sara
The cost is £80/£90 per extended session of 85 minutes. London fees are £130/150 per 85 minutes.
Please note: if you are suffering from anxiety and stress, it is useful to have an extra session so that you can learn simple stress management techniques and discuss your work/life balance and diet.

Weight Control (Programme)
This is usually a 3-6 session programme.
The charge rate is based on 85 mins for each extended session.
Central London £130/150 (85 mins) dependent upon location
Aston Clinton Kings Langley and Wheatley £80/90 per 85 mins session.

Therapy for Young People
For example, suggestion therapy can help with the following: nail biting, hair pulling, eating disorders, social anxiety. Please enquire for full details.

Discounts & Concessions
Sara offers discounts for multiple bookings paid in advance and also a reduced fee structure to people who are on low incomes, or unemployed. This includes students, senior citizens or people who are in part-time employment.

You are guaranteed that any communication will be conducted in the strictest confidence and Sara Howard adheres to the GHR's professional National Code of Ethics, the International Stress Management Association and the Association for Coaching.

Payment Method
Payment may be made by cash, paypal, or electronic transfer. Cash only at clinics. Please ask Sara Howard for further details.

Deposit – Please note that prior to your treatment or coaching commencing, a deposit is required for all locations to secure your appointment ; £80/90 - for Aston Clinton, Kings Langley, Wheatley or £130/150 for London . This amount will be deducted from the cost of your final session.

Inspired for Change’s Cancellation Policy
The cancellation policy for london, Aston Clinton, Kings Langley and Wheatley clinic locations is subject to 48 hours notice. Therefore, any cancellations should be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment by telephone, person to person. Cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will incur up to 100% of the session’s charge rate, and Sara Howard reserves the right to charge and apply this policy. Other cancellations of less than 48 hours will incur room charges . Telephone cancellations can be made to: Telephone 01296 634921 or 07827 505389. Email cancellations to:

Disclaimer - Hypnotherapy results can vary from person to person and therefore Sara is not able to offer you guarantees of success.

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