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Be Inspired for Change

Coaching can help you to reach your full potential

A coach can offer a client a supportive and motivating environment in which to explore beneficial change and plan realistic new goals.
A Coach offers a client a listening and non-judgmental place in which the client can evaluate new ideas and plan a strategy for change.
Importantly, the coach encourages a framework which maintains the client's motivation and commitment towards his/her desired goals.

How do you visualise your career path?

Once, many people believed in a job for life and certain companies promoted this ethos with a structured career path from apprenticeship to retirement. Today, the corporate model is no longer predictable and the same can be applied to our own lives.
Therefore, while many companies still offer career progression and good working conditions – others companies may not.

Do you want a career change or are you looking for other options?

People often report a sense of feeling unfulfilled at work and this may lead them to consider other avenues to balance and satisfy their personal values and goals.

There are various reasons why clients turn to career coaches

Clients often present with these situations

  • Changes in company culture or pending redundancy
  • Changes in personal life situations (empty nest, early retirement, divorce)
  • Changes in personal values and ambitions
  • Seeking a different workplace environment/new challenges
  • Graduates starting out in life and seeking help
  • Entrepreneurs just starting out in a new career

Do you want a better focus and calm control of your life?

For example. sometimes individuals experience difficulty in adapting to changes in workplace culture, This may be through changes in job responsibility or to leadership demands. The internalised pressures can affect personal health and wellbeing, as well as confidence, communication and relationships.

Career Coaching Methodology

The aim of coaching is to achieve future focused goals. For the client, this means that coaching is an enabling and motivational process whilst also being open to new strategies for change. The coaching process should be realistic and is often challenging. A coach will act as a sound board, helping and guiding the client towards his/her desired goal(s). The important point in successful coaching is realistic goal setting and achievable tasks towards reaching your desired goal, so that over time, you increase your motivation levels, as step by step, you get closer to your achievement and feel your confidence grow.

Individually tailored sessions to suit each client’s needs

Principal methodology is Solution Focused, incorporating NLP, Narrative Coaching styles and drawing logical perspectives from Cognitive Behavioural.

About the Coaching Process

  • An initial free telephone consultation to establish whether the process is right for you
  • Contract, questionnaire and covering letter outlining the terms of coaching service, (procedures, methodology and feedback)
  • Regular written feedback with agreed tasks towards achieving your desired goal.
  • Progress review undertaken regularly (and the coachee is aware that total confidentiality is provided unless otherwise stated).
  • Further - The coachee is aware that the coach acts as ‘facilitator and guide’ and cannot make decisions or tell the coachee what to do.

Sara Howard is a registered senior therapist and coach and is therefore able to help clients through emotional transitional periods. However, for clients making significant life changes, or changing old habits and behaviours it may take time to build the confidence for change and it is therefore often a gradual process.

Perhaps you would like help in making a major change in your life? .

Call Sara to discuss you personal assessment plan. telephone 01296 634921 or 07827 505389

Sara is an experienced Personal Development and Business Career Coach

Full member of The Association for Coaching - to Executive Coach Level

Full membenr of The International Stress Management Association (Comprehensive Knowledge Holder)